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By - DSM


We wish her family, friends and NULGE fortitude to bear the loss!

Comrade Famuti Ebunoluwa and SPN comrades campaigning

The Socialist Party of Nigeria, SPN, Oyo state chapter, receives with huge shock and pain, the news of a sudden death of Comrade Famuti Ebunoluwa who was until her death, a staff of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Oyo State chapter and member of the SPN in the state. Comrade Ebunoluwa Famuti whom we fondly called “DEPUTY” died at the age of 55 years old, on the 11th March, 2024 and later buried on the 15th March, 2024 in her home town, Uso in Ondo state.

Comrade Ebunoluwa was not just a member of the SPN but also the party’s Deputy Governorship Candidate in the 2019 general elections as well as an active member of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) – the socialist organization which formed the SPN along with other activists. She was also a passionate supporter of the struggle against injustice, for a better society and always ready and willing to give material support to advance struggles.

Her only vehicle, which she was using for a commercial purpose, was made available for use at no cost for the SPN campaign in 2019. Asides this was also her financial contributions and active involvement in the campaign itself.  Comrade Ebunoluwa also made herself available at virtually every activity of both the organization and party in the state. She attended meetings and participated in the organisation’s interventions in the struggles of the working people at workplaces and within the communities. She usually joined other members to distribute leaflets and sell publications of the organization like the paper – Socialist Democracy (SD), often used to canvass support for Socialist ideas.

Comrade Ebunoluwa, also used her influence as an employee of NULGE to facilitate a closer working relationship and solidarity between the union and both the SPN and DSM in the state.  The venue often used by both the DSM and SPN in the state at this present time for most of its internal and public meetings is one of the facilities owned by the union.  NULGE is also of one of the few unions with consistent record of buying SD in the state.

Comrade Famuti Ebunoluwa

There is no doubt that the role and contribution of our late comrade Ebunoluwa will be greatly missed in our struggle against anti-poor policies and attacks on democratic rights, and ultimately to end capitalism and enthrone Socialist order for the benefit of all. We express our condolences to her family, NULGE, friends and associates and call on workers, youths and masses to join us in SPN to  accomplish the task of socialist transformation of the Nigeria state and economy which is the only system that can guarantee  a better society desired by our late comrade Ebunoluwa Famuti.

Ayodeji Adigun

Oyo State SPN Secretary

E-mail: [email protected]