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Nigeria\’s Foreign Reserve: How Safe?

Nigeria’s Foreign Reserve: How Safe? By Peluola Adewale, Democratic Socialist Movement, Lagos At present, Nigeria’s external reserves, put currently at $63bn, are placed at the disposal of global financial sharks to gamble with, while there are monumental developmental challenges facing the country which require the injection of huge resources. Global capitalism is now in the midstream of financial meltdown. In

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IF OBAMA WINS Looking beyond the hope bubble – a Nigerian view on the US Presidential elections By Taiwo Hassan Soweto, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in Nigeria) Americans have a decision to make on November 4, when the US presidential election is to be held. Evidently, Barack Obama’s candidature and campaign for the presidential seat has become a global phenomenon,

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Deepening Socialist ideas in a period when capitalism is in crisis

DSM Socialist School 2008: Deepening Socialist ideas in a period when capitalism is in crisis Peluola Adewale The DSM’s Socialist School 2008 proved to be a great success in advancing the political understanding and commitment of both established DSM comrades and new recruits. Significantly, the School held between Saturday October 4 and Sunday October 5, was largely dominated by individuals