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Buhari /APC Government Intensify Attacks on the Poor in FCT

Buhari /APC Government Intensify Attacks on the Poor in FCT

By Dimeji Macaulay Organising Secretary, SPN

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) Federal Capital Territory (FCT) condemns the attacks on the poor in FCT. The Buhari/APC government has continued to unleash attacks on the poor people of Abuja in continuation of past government anti-poor activities.

The recent attacks are indiscriminate arrest of hawkers in FCT Metropolis by the Abuja task force. The Abuja task force comprises of soldiers, unemployed thugs and paramilitary groups. The task forces mostly move around with buses and pick up vehicles to pursue hawkers, homeless people and beggars in the main town of FCT.

We in the SPN have severally argued that in a country like Nigeria where there is endless corruption and inequality in wealth distribution, the ruling class and their cohorts cannot have hiding place to save their heads from the shame they created in the society. The ruling class claimed that they want FCT to be clean and more secured for the rich and privileged that are living within FCT and that is why they are arresting hawkers and homeless people, beggars and prostitute coupled with demolition of houses.

Task force officials also used the opportunity to seize goods and arrest petty traders like recharge card and food sellers. These actions are condemnable because the FCT is not only for the rich and many average working class working in FCT cannot afford to pay the outrageous price of fast food vendors, eateries and catering shops built for the rich. Many times their will be pandemonium everywhere when this task force run after these people to arrest or seize their goods. Sometimes the traders have been injured in the process. Because of the loss of means of livelihood, this assault on petty traders has led to increase in theft and robbery in FCT.