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SEGUN SANGO (May 7, 1958 – May 23, 2022) – NOW WE SAY A FINAL ADIEU

A graveside oration by Lanre Arogundade, at Atan Cemetery, Laos, Friday June 24, 2022. Every journey has a terminus. Segun Sango, you have reached your earthly terminus. Now, it is time to bid you a final goodbye. We say this Adieu with tears in our eyes. We say this Adieu with pangs in our hearts. However, we also say this

By - DSM

SEGUN SANGO (May 7, 1958 – May 23, 2022) – an appreciation of a permanent revolutionary

Many of the obituaries for and reminiscences of Segun Sango have centred on his personal qualities, abilities and confident lifelong dedication to fighting for a socialist future. By Robert Bechert, member of the Committee for a Workers’ International’s Secretariat. Certainly meeting Segun Sango, often popularly referred to as SS, for the first time in 1985 one was rapidly impressed by

By - DSM

SEGUN SANGO (May 7, 1958 – May 23, 2022) – message from Peter Taaffe, Committee for a Workers’ International

I am so sorry I can’t be present at today’s ceremony, but I would just like to say these few words in honour of a great comrade and a good friend of many years. The passing of Segun Sango is a big loss for the Nigerian workers’ movement as well as for the members and sympathisers of the Committee for