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By - DSM

SEGUN SANGO (May 7, 1958 – May 23, 2022) – message from Peter Taaffe, Committee for a Workers’ International

I am so sorry I can’t be present at today’s ceremony, but I would just like to say these few words in honour of a great comrade and a good friend of many years.

The passing of Segun Sango is a big loss for the Nigerian workers’ movement as well as for the members and sympathisers of the Committee for a Workers’ International. He was a towering figure and representative of genuine Marxism and Trotskyism, not just in the Nigerian working class and labour movement, where he was widely known, but also in the workers’ movement in South Africa. I know this through first-hand experience and visits to South Africa.

Unfortunately, despite many plans to do so, I never found the opportunity to visit Nigeria itself. However, Segun was held in great regard and esteem for his invaluable political contributions at the meetings of CWI and with Marxists from South Africa amongst others.

He was unflinching in defence of the working class and toiling masses as well as in his implacable support for genuine Marxism and Trotskyism, represented by CWI.

We hope and expect that his work will be continued and result in the emergence of a powerful Nigerian and African workers and labour movement which will lead to the socialist transformation of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Long live the memory and inspiration of Segun!

Peter Taaffe

International Secretariat

Committee for a Workers’ International