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FOR MASS ACTION AGAINST CORRUPTION JAIL THE LOOTERS! SEIZE THEIR ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH!! Only Putting an End to the Unjust System of Capitalism can Permanently Defeat Corruption and Fully Meet the Interest of the Working Masses On Thursday September 10, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) will hold nationwide mass rallies against corruption. Members of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) will participate

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International Refugee Crisis

International Refugee Crisis Defend the right to asylum Unite against austerity and struggle for a better life for all Robert Bechert, Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) Millions upon millions displaced, forced to flee, living in appalling conditions, facing brutality from state forces and sectarian militias while putting their lives at risk as they seek safety; this is the reality

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Nigerian Economy Slows on Crude Price Volatility

Nigerian Economy Slows on Crude Price Volatility H.T Soweto. Around the third week of August 2015, US Brent crude (against which Nigeria’s crude is benchmarked) crashed to an epic $37.75 before rising in a 3-day rally early last week to $47.17. The rally notwithstanding, oil fundamentals remain the same i.e. supply over stripping demand. This means that the price rebound