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Niyi Adewumi: an interview from 2003

Niyi Adewumi: an interview from 2003 We republish below the interview with Late Niyi Adewumi in the Socialist Democracy (Paper of Democratic Socialist Movement) July/August 2003 edition in the aftermath of 2003 general elections in which he contested and won 14% of the total votes cast as the House of Representatives candidate of the National Conscience Party (NCP) for Ifako-Ijaye

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Niyi Adewumi: (August 25, 1966 – July 14, 2016)

Niyi Adewumi   (Click to enlarge) Niyi Adewumi: (August 25, 1966 – July 14, 2016) Special tribute to a socialist fighter for working peoples emancipation and social justice The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) joins the large family of relatives, comrades, friends, associates and colleagues to mourn the passing of Comrade Niyi Adewumi, socialist and great fighter for social justice. Niyi who

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Niyi Adewumi

Niyi Adewumi The Committee for a Workers’ International sends its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and comrades of Niyi Adewumi who tragically died on July 14, 2016. Niyi played an important part in building support for the ideas of socialism and the Democratic Socialist Movement, the supporters of the CWI in Nigeria, for many years. An activist from his