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By - DSM



Chinedu Bosah, former Lagos State NCP Deputy Publicly Secretary

The press conference organised to announce publicly the pull out of the members of National Conscience Party (NCP) in Lagos State was successful. The press conference took place at the party’s former temporary secretariat at 162 Ipaja Road, Agege Lagos. 32 party members were in attendance at the conference which was covered by 9 media organisations (both print and electronic). Almost immediately three TV stations broadcast reports of the conference.

The former Party Chairman in Lagos State, Comrade Segun Sango, addressed the press conference. The statement addressed the history of the party and the problems confronted by the party in relation to the socio-political space in the country.

Some of the media representative asked questions on what is going to be the next action in terms of which political formation would the party members be working in next. Another question was also asked if we would be moving into Labour Party amongst others. The answer was that there is an ongoing conscious discussion on how to bring about the mass working peoples’ formation that can truly represent the interest of the working people. And also the former chairman answered that we cannot just move into Labour Party now as is presently constituted in terms of programme and leadership.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Nosiru Salami (aka Babakogboyinbo), the former Lagos Vice Chairman of the party, who stated that he was disappointed by the national leadership of the party who have derailed on the aims and objectives of the party and that he is ready to work in whatever political formation resolved at by the Lagos State former leadership.

At the end of the day some of the media representatives also interviewed some members of the party. They all responded emphatically that they are quitting the party because of the increasing pro-state outlook and the undemocratic manner the party is being run by the right wing national leadership. Very significantly, those quitting the NCP admitted that the process represents a serious setback to all those that have struggled over the years to build the party as a genuine masses party. They were however unanimous in stating that this painful decisions had to be taken so that a new real efforts to build a genuine mass party can start in earnest instead of holding on to a truncated dream, which is what the NCP has unfortunately become. But despite this sardonic background members present expressed optimism in helping to build a new more viable mass working peoples party, which would consciously start from the beginning to avoid the political and organisational issues and methods which presently have thrown the NCP into a cul-de- sac.

Finally all working class elements and youths who share this vision were urged to join the “campaign for a genuine mass working peoples’ party” a new formation which will consciously struggle to build a party that can terminate this rule by all shades of exploiters and oppressors once and for all.