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By - DSM

Ajegunle People, Let’s Stand Up against Insecurity and Economic Hardship

  • Demand Provision of Social Amenities

By Moshood Oshunfunrewa DSM Ajegunle

Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA and LCDA, Lagos, where despite receiving billions of Naira from both IGR and FAAC monthly distributions, the local government administrations in Ajegunle have fundamentally failed to fulfill their obligations to the people. Primary healthcare centers lie in disarray, roads deteriorate, and drainage systems remain clogged, while residents continue to pay exorbitant fees for basic services.

As a result of anti-policies of Tinubu government, in Ajegunle, as in other working people and poor dominated communities, the cost of survival is becoming a distant dream for many. Basic food items like Garri and rice are now luxury beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. House rents have skyrocketed to exorbitant levels. Hardworking individuals are struggling to make ends meet. For instance, the cost of a room now is ranging from N8,000 to N12,000 per month while two room and a parlour cost between N850,000 to N1,400,000 per annum.

The community is also ravaged is by the menace of insecurity as different gangs of thugs regularly unleash terror. These thugs are useful for politicians during elections. Therefore, if they are arrested they get their way back to continue wreak havoc on the community.

The privatization of essential services by the Lagos State government is epitomized by the dilapidated state of the Tolu Water Corporation, has compounded the suffering of Ajegunle’s residents. The poor hardly have access to clean water.

We call on masses of Ajegunle, workers, market women and men, artisans commercial drivers, okada riders and youth to get organized and fight for decent social amenities and better living conditions in the community. We should also organize to stand against anti-poor policies of Bola Tinubu government. We should be part of the nationwide movement against attacks on living standards. We need to organize mass meetings to discuss the menace of insecurity. In addition to mounting pressure on the government and the police carry out their responsibility of protecting lives and property, we propose setting up of independent, non-sectarian multi-ethnic defence committees which are democratically run in every area in Ajegunle.