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By - DSM

Oyo State: Campaign for Affordable and Regular Electricity Gains Momentum

The campaign for a mass based and unified community movement for affordable and regular supply of electricity launched in Oyo State through the formation of the Coalition for Affordable and Regular Electricity, CARE, has begun to gain momentum as many community groups and organizations have joined CARE and its activities with new ones soliciting to join.

CARE was launched in Oyo State by members of Democratic Socialist Movement, DSM in collaboration with activists advocating for the protection of the electricity consumers’ rights. This is for the purpose of unifying and centralizing various independent and disjointed campaigns and agitation breaking out across communities over electricity (light) supply

Since its launch, CARE has been able to organize activities which have greatly helped to draw together a number of communities which had been organizing independent agitation against exploitation of the electricity consumers by the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC). These include press conference and public symposium held on the 10th of August 2021 and 2nd of October, 2021 respectively as well as several meetings in different communities.

Some of the community and youth organizations which have been drawn into the activities of the campaign include: Apete/Awotan electricity forum; Iwo/Lalupon Electricity consumers’ forum; Ibadan South East Electricity Consumers forum, Ogbomosho community Youths forum, Alafara/Elenu Shonsho Resident Association. Remarkably, the development following both the press conference and symposium has seen some community organizations seeking to join CARE and its activities. Notably among these community organisations is Progressive Community. This community comprises 16 different communities at Iyana-Agbala in Adegbayi area in Ibadan.

The CARE leadership in Oyo State had attended the meetings of some of these communities. The visitation which has greatly helped build support for CARE among the   rank-and-file members of the communities beyond the leadership. We hope the visitation will continue to other communities. However, CARE call on more individuals, community and youth organization to join its activities and campaign in order to jointly fight for regular and affordable electricity supply without exploitation by Disco and government.

To join CARE, attend its meeting and participate in any of its activities contact the following numbers: 08033914091, 08034817064, and 08036618448