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By - DSM


Freed Mouka workers and supporters still defiant

The detained Mouka workers who were freed from police custody late yesterday reported to the Lagos Area F Police Command, Ikeja, this morning, Monday August 16.

The workers were led by Comrade Funmi Sessi (Lagos NLC Chairperson) and Comrade Rufus Olusesan (CDWR National Chairperson) to meet with the Area Commander, Zongo Ali, and were finally released on bail.

The Campaign for Democratic and Workers Rights, CDWR, wants to use this opportunity to thank Ayuba Wabba, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), for his intervention. We want to also thank Comrade Funmi Sessi for her leadership intervention since the victimization broke out. We thank members of different left organisations, trade union leaders and activists that have supported this struggle and stood by the victimised and repressed Mouka workers.

The struggle has just passed one phase, the management has sacked over 30 workers as a result of the strike action and they need to be reinstated. We call on NLC and NUCFLAMPE to lead a struggle for their reinstatement and for improved working conditions. It is also desirable for Labour to lead a sustained fight against casualisation and contract staffing across workplaces and industries.

The struggle continues, victory is certain.

Solidarity Forever ✊✊✊

Comrade Chinedu Bosah

CDWR National Publicity Secretary

CDWR email: [email protected]