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By - DSM


Dear Editor, Socialist Democracy (SD),

Despite promises during the gubernatorial elections in Ogun state last year nothing has been done concerning the development of communities since Governor Dapo Abiodun of the All Progressive Congress (APC) assumed the mantle of the state. One year after, the responsibility for the maintenance of roads and drainages at Olambe, Oke aro, Matogun, Akute still falls on the self-help effort of the people living in these areas through their Community Development Associations (CDAs) which regularly levies each households and road users.

Now that the rains are falling, the condition of roads in these area have become an eye sore. All the roads leading to Olambe – Matogun –Oke aro – Agbado, Olambe junction – Akute are so bad. There are lot of portholes. Some of the residents have to abandon their homes entirely and move to town due to the bad roads. There are three abandoned bridges (Agbado Oja bridge, Akute bridge and Alausa toward Olambe junction bridge). The communities have tried their best in making the roads motorable to no avail.

In the areas of public education, Olambe and Matogun have only one government-owned school. Private schools are in abundance but most offer substandard education. Meanwhile, education is very important.

In terms of healthcare, government hospitals are not available except few primary health care clinic constructed through self-help by communities at Maidan which opens twice in a week.

When it comes to transportation, transport fare is high due to no public vehicles or buses. Most times when it is raining season, there are hardly buses to convey people to their destination. There are sometime accidents and breakdown of means of transport and these always occur because of the bad roads.

Part of the problems afflicting the communities is electricity. Only few people have pre-paid meters so IKEDC is able to give exorbitant estimated bills for others. When it comes to repair of transformers or replacement of electric poles, it is the communities that contribute money.

In our communities, the omo onile which consist of thugs are still disturbing people who have bought land and are building their homes. They insist that they must pay money before any job is done on the land.

We call on Governor Abiodun and his government to fulfil their electoral promises to these areas. Raining season has started.


Elizabeth Olayanju

Member, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Ifo