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By - DSM


  • But struggle continues

On February 13, 2020 the case against 38 Lagos State Polytechnic. LASPOTECH. workers who were arrested and victimized by the Police at the behest of the Rector of the Polytechnic Mr Sogunro  for embarking on strike and protest for their legitimate demands on pays and conditions  was struck out at the Magistrate Court, Yaba Oyingbo, Lagos State. It was an emotional moment as the workers cried for joy having endured enormous victimisation over the past months including the unfortunate death of one of the defendants Owolabi Sunday as a result of unjust incarceration in prison. The Campaign for Democratic and Workers Rights (CDWR) calls on workers to demand adequate compensation from the Polytechnic to the family of Mr. Owolabi Sunday.

By H.T. Soweto

The workers, after a brief rally at the front of the court, dispersed with determination to continue the struggle until the two remaining cases at the Magistrate Court, Ogba and National Industrial Court are equally pursued to victory and all their pending demands met.

The demands of the workers the return to the implementation CONTISS 15 Migration as directed by NBTE and the settlement of the arrears of salaries and allowances lost to the stoppage of the implementation, and the recall of all victimized union leaders and staffs, proper management of finances and resources  of the polytechnic and non-interference in the activities of staff unions by the management.