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Read, Sell and Support the Socialist Democracy (SD)

Read, Sell and Support the Socialist Democracy (SD)

In a class society dominated by the capitalist multi-billion naira media establishment, working class people and the youth can only rely on their own paper and publications (including the social media platforms of the revolutionary and mass organizations) to get reliable news about struggles breaking out as well as analysis and exposition of the many ways the ruling class and the capitalist state are daily conspiring to make our life worse. This is the role that the Socialist Democracy (SD) the organ of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) plays.

The SD is a familiar sight during strikes and protests offering first hand news of struggles breaking out at workplaces, communities and campuses while also proposing the appropriate policies and tactics to win. In addition, it also offers useful analysis of the linkages between all the sufferings working people and youth undergo to the inequitable system of capitalism and the need to build a mass movement for its overthrow. Therefore, the SD is must-have for all trade unionists, working class activists, students, youths and the oppressed masses desirous of genuine socialist change.

As V.I Lenin, the leader of the 1917 October Russia socialist revolution, put it in ‘What is to be Done?’ “A newspaper is not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator; it is also a collective organizer”. As such the Socialist Democracy (SD) is an integral part of the work of building the forces of socialism. Through it, we espouse the socialist alternative to capitalist crisis and seek to educate a new generation of workers and youth in the genuine ideas of Marxism.

We urge all our DSM members and supporters to help sustain the SD by buying, reading, selling and writing for it. By buying the paper and reading, you take the first step of arming yourself with the knowledge that will help you understand why this capitalist government will always fail the working people and the way out. However, you must follow up by taking a second step to sell this paper to your co-workers, plus working people and youths in your communities and schools. You can also organize discussions around the paper. This way we can build a mass socialist movement to bring about real change. At the same time you can contribute articles and letters to SD and DSM’s website, we always want to hear what our readers think and your experiences of work, life and struggle. The fourth step is for you to regularly donate towards the newspaper (SD) as well as other publication of campaign materials such as leaflets, pamphlets, leaflets, etc. so that we can regularly reach the working people with our ideas and information. To donate, simply send your donations to: Zenith Bank, Acct Name: Fortress Books Nigeria, Acct no: 1012616511.

You can also request for regular subscriptions for the bi-monthly editions of the SD by writing to [email protected] or calling 08134771300. Please note that all subscriptions will be delivered at the unit price of N100 per paper (except otherwise stated) but in addition with the cost of postage/transport calculated in accordance with the distance.