Democratic Socialist Movement

For Struggle, Solidarity and Socialism in Nigeria

By - DSM




We of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Lagos State Chapter, strongly decry the legacy of $1 billion debt burden that the outgoing Babatunde Fashola government is leaving behind for the mass of working people and the poor in the state. According to media reports, the state government owes 33.86 per cent of the country’s total sub-national external debts (debts owed by state governments). Statistics obtained from the website of the Debt Management Office in Abuja shows that out of the total external debt of $3.01bn, Lagos State owed $1.02bn, leaving the remaining 35 states and the Federal Capital Territory with $1.99bn as of June 30, 2014. Further analysis shows that out of the $1.02bn external loan commitments, $937.91m was from multilateral bodies, while $82.5m represented loans contracted from bilateral sources. (Punch newspaper, 5th September, 2014).

We call for mass actions to demand the opening of the accounts of Fashola-led government for public scrutiny by elected representatives of the working people, trade unions etc., for the purpose of allowing the public see clearly where this huge funds were channeled to. We call for an end to debt enslavement of Lagos State.

The eight years of the Fashola regime have only meant attack on education, living condition and democratic rights for the mass of the working people. It took the monumental struggle of students, staff and parents of the Lagos State University with their civil society allies including the Education Rights’ Campaign (ERC) and the Joint Action Front (JAF) to force the Fashola regime to reverse the outrageous fee imposed on the university.

We in SPN Lagos State call on the mass of working people in the state not to hold illusions in the policy reversal being undertaken presently such as relax on attacks on okada riders. This is one of the tricks to woo the working people for votes in the 2015 general elections. The fact is that the brutal attacks on the masses and youth will resume full fledge should the APC wins the next elections.

We equally call on the mass of working people not to hold illusions in the People’s Democratic Party, which is presently rooting to take political power from the APC. The victory of any the section of the ruling class during the coming elections will be a continuation of debt enslavement, attack on education and democratic rights among other neo-liberal and anti-working people policies.

We enjoin the mass of the working people to join us in the SPN in the struggle for the actualisation of the registration. The SPN canvasses the programme of cancellation of the debt, democratic and transparent management of all public resources by elected representatives of communities, workers and government as well as proper funding of key sectors of the economy and guaranteeing democratic rights for the mass of the working people.

Moshood Osunfurewa
State Secretary
SPN Lagos State Chapter