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OSBC Ojingolo wins

OSBC: Ojingolo wins

DSM Member Secure Victory in a Workplace Victimization Case

A member of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) in Osun State, Tajudeen Oyeniyi popularly known as Ojingolo, has won a major victory in a case of official victimization at his workplace, Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC). After over four months of victimization through unwarranted demotion and dehumanization, he has now been promoted to the post of Chief Audio Assistant. The promotion which takes nominal effect as from July 1, 2008 ,will take financial effect as from December, 2008, according to the letter issued by the corporation’s Director General, Engr. Oyedele Oyebamiji. (see “OSBC, Stop Victimisation and Dehumanisation of Ojingolo”

This development was a sequel to the campaign organized by the DSM nationally (as reflected in the February/March edition of the Socialist Democracy, and on this website) for the end to the victimization and demotion of this socialist supporter.

According to Ojingolo, consequent upon a barrage of protest letter/text messages, the management of the corporation reacted officially, in the first instance by issuing out about twenty ridiculous allegations against him including stealing properties of the corporation in 1994 (about fifteen years ago). He subsequently refuted all the allegations and demanded his immediate promotion. Afraid of consequences of their illegal action, he was given his letter of promotion as Chief Audio Assistant which was initially withheld.

It will be recalled that Comrade Ojingolo was demoted to the post of a gardener (from Audio Assistant) by the management of the corporation for defending his rights against abuse including over-working and favouritism. The in-house unions – Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the Radio, Television and Thearter Art Workers’ Union (RATTAWU) – also protested the attack, though there was no attempt to organize an active protest campaign, which could further embolden the workers and members of the in-house unions to fight for other rights that are being infringed upon.

The successful campaign and victory show the strength in defending one’s rights. In fact, a senior management official of the corporation who is the linchpin of the attack, commended the doggedness of Comrade Ojingolo, who as against the norm in the establishment was able to defend his right and secure victory.

The DSM, Osun State, sees this victory as a way of furthering our work amongst the workers especially in the radio, television and other areas in the state. We shall use this victory to further our campaign amongst the working people in the state as a way of building a working class movement based on socialist ideas.

Kola Ibrahim