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Labour Party Ajegunle (Lagos) Inaugration

Labour Party Ajegunle (Lagos) Inaugration

Building a Genuine Political Alternative for the Poor

The Labour Party (LP) Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government invites workers, professionals, artisans, traders, peasants, youths, students, the unemployed and poor masses to the inauguration of the party in Ajegunle on Saturday January 24, 2009.

With the past popular struggles against fuel price hikes and other anti-poor policies of the governments at all levels in the past 9 years, Labour has proved its capacity to lead workers, professionals, artisans, traders, peasants, youths, students and poor masses in struggle to defend their interests for better living conditions. But we need to move to a higher level. The major lesson learnt from the past struggles that recorded about 7 general strikes and mass protests, and the marginalisation of the ordinary Nigerians from the gains of economic prosperity of the last period, is the need for a genuine, mass party of the people that could wrest power from the thieving ruling elite and use public resources for the benefit of all. This is why we want to build the Labour Party.

Beyond the recent beautification façade at strategic places, while the interior and access roads are deplorable, and tokenism amplified by media town criers, the ruling party in Lagos for the past 9 years has exhibited inability to bring true governance to the people. The government has been busy demolishing properties and markets of ordinary people without provision for adequate compensation and alternative for the victims. The government, both at the local and state level, is imposing different outrageous taxes in order to maintain its over-bloated functionaries. They say it is for infrastructural development, but we all know it is a blatant lie. For instance, the state of roads and gutters in our communities has remained appalling for the past 9 years.

The leading opposition party, PDP, in Lagos is a social and political reject, because it has proved at the federal level and states it is in power that the party is deeply anti-poor and peopled by corrupt politicians.

The Labour Party has to come to provide a genuine pro-masses’ alternative to the rot in government at all levels. But in order to guarantee the democratic use and management of collective resources of society for the benefits and interests of all, as against the prevailing situation where the thieving ruling elite loot our common wealth for their self-serving interests, the full participation of workers, professionals, artisans, traders, youths and poor masses in governance is imperative. This is why we are calling on you to join the Party.

Labour Party as now constituted in Lagos is poised to defending the interest of the poor masses in and out of power. We will mobilise workers, professionals artisans, traders, youths and poor masses to the campaigns for provision of basic infrastructure and facilities that could guarantee free and quality education, health care; good roads, affordable housing, regular power etc. We will also struggle together with workers and poor masses in their demands for improved living and working conditions, and against anti-poor, neo-liberal attacks by government at all levels. As a matter of importance, the people will be equally mobilised to be part of governance through setting up of democratic community structures.

To make any meaningful social and economic progress, we call on all residents, artisans, workers, professionals, traders, Okada riders, youths etc., to be part of this historic event and to subsequently be part of building of the Labour Party as a mass working peoples’ party.


  • Theme: Building a Genuine Political Alternative for the Poor
  • Date: Saturday January 24 2009
  • Venue: Jibowu Street off Layinka Street Beside Kojo Ajegunle
  • Time: 12 noon
Invited Speakers:

Adedeji Arije (Chairman, Labour Party Lagos State)

Sylvester Ejiofor (Prominent Labour Leader)

Abiodun Aremu (Convener, United Action for Democracy)

Segun Sango (General Secretary, Democratic Socialist Movement)

Rufus Olusesan (Vice President, National Union of Shop and Distributive Employees)

Saint Jherico (Labour Activist)

Dagga Tolar (Vice Chairman, NUT Ajeromi-Ifelodun)

For further enquiries contact the Labour Party office at No 5 Kojo Lane off Layinka Street Ajegunle. Phone Numbers: 07023083635, 08034567936.