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CDWR Hold Press Conference On The Plight of Pensioners In Nigeria

By Emmanuel Adikwu

On January 16, 2008, the Campaign for Democratic and Workers Rights (CDWR) held a press conference, at the International Press Centre (IPC) Ogba, Lagos, on the plight of pensioners.

The statement, published below, was presented by comrade Rufus Olusesan, the chairperson of CDWR. Reading through the text, he gave a graphic description of how pensioners who had put into selfless service the most active part of their adult life, at the age of retirement, are made to pass through a living hell before they are able to get their deserved benefits.

He queried the rationale behind why political officials are being paid stupendous salaries and allowances while workers and pensioners are being owed back log of poor salaries and pensions that are at most times, barely able to cater for their immediate needs.

It was made expressly clear that, if not joining hand to struggle with pensioners for improved welfare, the same treatment being meted out currently to the old will befall workers of today in their retirement age.

The CDWR used the occasion to raise the need for organized labour to rise to the occasion and call for a day of action on the plight of pensioners, with a view to compel government and other employers of labour to be alive to their responsibilities.

Answers were provided to the questions asked by two media reporters by comrade Rufus.

The programme was further enriched by the contributions made by comrade Victor Osakwe, secretary CDWR and comrade Demola Yaya who is also a member of the CDWR.

The press conference was extensively reported by the Guardian and National mirror newspapers; and on two leading television stations, AIT and MBI, AIT making it the lead story in their major news bulletin.

The press conference is the first in a series of events, which include a workshop and publication by the CDWR in the struggle to positively intervene the plight of pensioners.