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NUT Vice Chairman Donates Honorarium to DSM and UTF

NUT Vice Chairman Donates Honorarium to DSM and UTF

Socialist activist, teacher and the 3rd Vice-Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Ajeromi-Ifelodun branch, Lagos State chapter, donated N10, 000 to the Democratic Socialist Movement, from a total sum of N24, 400 received as honorarium and sitting allowance from the branch of the NUT, covering a period of March 2005 to June 2007, the sum of N4, 000 was also donated to United Teachers Forum (UTF), and the other balance covered a part portion of expenses he incurred in the past period.

Comrade Ajayi had, since coming on the leadership of the NUT in the LGA, refused to collect his honorarium, opposing the practice that the finances of the union remain secret and unknown by even executive members, except to close kitchen cabinet members the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The struggle for democratic transparency of affairs and accountability of the union and in its finances, not just to all members of the executive, but to all members of the union, remains a right and indeed, should be taken up by all teachers.

We in the DSM salute and thank comrade Ajayi, for this humble donation and state that we shall continue to support all the struggles of the working masses with the ultimate goal of ending capitalism and its nightmare of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, disease, injustice, etc with a new society, where the resources of society shall be nationalized and democratically controlled and managed by workers and poor farmers, where poverty and other associated ills of capitalism will have no place. We call on other teachers to join us and be part of this struggle.