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By - DSM

And Vote other NCP Candidates

And Vote other NCP Candidates

In addition to Lanre Arogundade for Governor in Lagos State, we call on every eligible voters in Lagos to vote all other NCP candidates like Comrade Ayodele Akele, the victimised and persecuted former Chairman of Council of Industrial Unions (COIU) in the state contesting for Lagos West Senatorial district; Yaya Ademola, Lagos NCP Director of Research contesting for Lagos State House of Assembly and others.

Not only in Lagos, we urge Nigerians of voting age to vote for NCP candidates nationally. This is because the party represents the yearning and aspirations of the poor working people via its welfarist ten-care programmes, notwithstanding the right shift of its national leadership.

We also use this medium to call on workers, students, youth, market men and women, etc to join DSM after the general elections so that we can all jointly struggle together for a decent society where hunger, poverty, diseases, etc will have no place.