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OAU: Candidates Challenge Fraudulent Post-UME Examination

OAU: Candidates Challenge Fraudulent Post-UME Examination

By H.T. Soweto

The post UME candidates helped organize into “Post-UME Candidates Forum” by the Education Rights Campaign (ERC) Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Chapter staged series of protest actions against the fraudulent conduct of the recent Post UME examination in the University.

Protest letters were written and submitted by candidates who were denied admission through underhand means by the university. Some of the candidates, numbering about 60, were also involved in the media campaign to register their grievances and press home their demands.

However, the struggle waned not because the candidates became less determined but due to the fact that Post-JAMB policy is a national issue which is also connected to the whole crisis of education sector occasioned by under-funding and education commercialisation agenda of the government.

This underscores the need for a consistent struggle demanding commitment of public resources to adequately fund public education and an end to all anti-poor neo-liberal policies of the government.