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Nigeria's Crisis

Time For System Change


Nigeria's Crisis: Time for System ChangeThis pamphlet, published by the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), deals with the situation in Nigeria, especially the 2003 general elections and the struggles against hike in fuel prices and the deregulation policy of the government. 

The materials in the pamphlet were written at three different periods. 

The first six chapters were completed in September, 2003 and deal mainly with the elections and related issues while Chapter Seven was produced in the aftermath of the 29th September, 2003 deregulation of the downstream sector of the petroleum industry and the subsequent hike in prices of petroleum products. 

The appendix, on the lessons of the June/July 2003 general strike against fuel price increase, was written in August 2003 and published as a special edition of Socialist Democracy, the newspaper of DSM.

8th November 2003



Chapter One: Background

Chapter Two: The 2003 Elections 

Chapter Three: The Four Years Of Civil Rule

Chapter Four Political Perspectives

Chapter Five: Nationality Question

Chapter Six: A Working Class Solution Needed

Chapter Seven: Deregulation And Fuel Price Hike

Appendix: General Strike Against Fuel Price Rises The Lesson For The Working Masses