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Socialist Democracy Nov - Dec 2005



The 16th National Congress of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October 2005 at the International Press Centre, Ogba, Lagos held at a time when Nigeria is steadily falling into bottomless pit of disasters rampant ritual killings (for supposed wealth and prosperity!), renewed ethnic militia activities, tragic killing of hundreds of people in transport mishaps etc. The resort to myth, superstition and ritual killings in the search for solutions to economic questions of poverty, jobs, security reveals the growing frustration among layers of the poor masses as living conditions become more and more appalling.

In the discussion on Nigeria Perspectives, the Congress noted that despite the huge resources being daily generated, Obasanjo government has continued to attack the poor working people with its neo-liberal policies with no hope of things getting better. More that any previous government before it, this regime has continued to rake in resources. The government, for instance, amasses a minimum sum of $190 million per day from oil sales alone. In the past five years, the government has earned over $100 billion from oil sales and over $13b as excess from crude oil sales in the past one year. Yet, the working masses are faced with various attacks of IMF/World Bank inspired neo-liberal policies such as cut ii social services, incessant fuel hike, deregulation, retrenchment etc from this self-serving, anti-poor, pro-rich Obasanjo government.

Unfortunately, LASCO which has been leading the struggle against the incessant hike in pump price is yet to draw correct and holistic conclusion on the need to fight beyond incessant hike in fuel price. The congress resolved that to end the multi-facets crises befallen the Nigerian working masses, the LASCO leadership must know that forming alternative working masses political party armed with socialist programme the commanding heights of the economic democratically managed and controlled by the working masses, and means of production based on satisfaction of needs of the society and not the profit for few minority with a view of wrestling power from this capitalist ruling class.

The Congress also looked at various developments across the globe: the rise in the movements of the working masses and the poor in Latin America, the Iraqi quagmire, and the global resistance to neo-liberalism by the poor working people among others. It agreed that these developments are further revelations that capitalism offers no solution or a better future to the problems of hunger, illiteracy, joblessness, diseases, wars facing the majority of human race.

The Congress extended its international solidarity to the Venezuelan masses and the poor working people across the globe and resolved to organise and mobilise the Nigerian working class and poor in international solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution and in event of a possible US intervention in Venezuela, as events develop. The Congress was closed with members´┐Ż commitment to a rededication to the international struggle for the socialist transformation of Nigeria, Africa and the world, and the consolidation of the solid foundation of a mass revolutionary socialist movement being built in Nigeria, which the DSM represents.




Socialist Democracy Nov - Dec 2005