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Nigeria Crisis: Time for System Change

Nigeria Crisis: Time for System Change

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DSM: What We Stand For


  • Immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the sacked Lagos State civil servants and other victimised workers and trade unionists.

  • Trial of those responsible for human rights abuses during military rule. Compensation for the victims.

  • Immediate repeal of all undemocratic and anti-labour laws.

  • Scrapping of the State Security Service (SSS) and all repressive state bodies.

  • Abolition of discrimination against women. Equal political, civil, property and social rights for women. Equal pay for work of equal value. Tax relief for women as for men.

  • Freedom of expression, association and assembly. Full freedom and independence for trade unions and student bodies without any interference from the state or the management.

  • Opposition to restriction on the press.

  • A genuine multi-party democracy with the right of every individual and group to organise political parties without registration by the government. The right to stand for elections as independent candidates.

  • An independent mass working people's political party with a socialist programme to provide an alternative to the existing capitalist parties.

  • Convocation of a democratically-elected Sovereign National Conference (SNC) comprising elected representatives of social groups such as workers, peasant farmers, traders, rank-and-file of the armed forces and police, professionals and ethnic nationalities according to their numerical strength to deliberate and decide on the way forward for the country and draw up a new constitution.

  • For a voluntary democratic socialist federation of Nigeria within which there will be full respect of the democratic, cultural and language rights of all ethnic nationalities.



  • Freedom for the rank-and-file of the armed forces and police to form trade unions and join political parties of their choice.

  • The right of the rank-and-file of the armed forces and police to take industrial action to protect their rights.



  • Free education at all levels

  • Free medical care for all

  • Provision of decent and affordable public housing

  • Provision of welfare benefits for the unemployed, the sick and the elderly

  • A monthly minimum wage of N20,000 with periodic increases to match the rate of inflation.

  • Opposition to retrenchment. A job for every unemployed person.



  • Abolition of SAP. An end to anti-poor capitalist/imperialist policies of privatisation and commercialisation, retrenchment of workers etc.

  • Public ownership of the country's vast resources and wealth under the democratic management and control of the working people.

  • Democratic management and control of public companies and parastatals by committees comprising elected representatives of workers, consumers, trade unions, NLC and the government.

  • A massive public works programme to build roads, houses, railways, schools and hospitals and to generate employment.

  • Repudiation of the fictitious foreign debt combined with appeals for fraternal support to the working classes of the imperialist nations.



  • Open declaration of assets by public officials with the right of the public to investigate and initiate prosecution of officials found to have illegally acquired assets in excess of their legal income.

  • Confiscation as public assets without compensation, of all wealth acquired through corruption by the military elite and their civilian counterparts.

  • Democratic management of all public departments, agencies and companies. Management committees to comprise elected representatives of workers and the government with right of immediate recall of the elected by the electors if found wanting.

  • Democratically elected public tribunals comprising elected representatives of workers, peasant farmers, students, professionals and the government to determine cases of corruption.



  • A workers' and poor peasants' government based on a socialist programme.

  • A socialist federation of Africa as a step towards a world socialist federation to put an end to hunger, poverty, war and environmental destruction.