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Socialist Democracy Nov - Dec 2005



By Stephen Alayande T.

As the crisis in education deepens, the University of Ibadan authorities have continued their unabated attacks on genuine students' activists and independent unionism over the students struggle against the university management and the Obasanjo led neo-liberal policy of commercialisation and privatisation of the education. The consistent struggle by the students for public funded educational system and independent unionism on campus, have attracted the wrath of the University management led by the then vice-chancellor of the institution Prof Ayodele Falase - who unjustifiably rusticated and victimised some student leaders and activists for their perceived 'threat to the system'.

These students who were given various degree of punishments for their leading role in the mass protests against the unpopular and anti-poor policies of both the University and the Obasanjo government to make access to university education the exclusive right of the children of the rich whilst the mass majority of working class children are condemned to perpetual illiteracy, include: Ola Adeosun, former speaker of parliament; Alayande Stephen Tolulope, erstwhile NANS Zode D coordinator; Lawal Akeen [Aluta], former President, students' union; Wale Eleto, former General Secretary, students' union; Akintude Olawoyin, former PRO students' union; Fagbemi Isreal Gbadebo[FIG] and Hon. Ali M.O. Ayodeji. Their rustications range from four to six semesters, with one outrightly expelled.

However, a panel was set up by the University authorities ostensibly to look at political related problems with a view to resolving them. The panel sat on 22nd October, 2005 without bringing forth any positive result. Authorities are only playing with time and these students� lives with the view of suppressing students union activism. For instance, the last time a democratic students� election took place in UI was December 2001 when, in the absence of a virile students union, cultism has taken over the entire university community.

Not only the students are being attacked by the authorities, SSANU, NASU, and ASUU members are not spared for their united fight against the management increasing waves of attacks on workers.

We therefore call on NANS, NLC, DSM, ERC, etc and other civil society organisations, to join in the struggle to reinstate these students whose future are presently being threaten by the University authorities posture.


* Immediate and unconditionally reinstatement of all the rusticated students and the release of all the withheld results.

* For a public funded educational system with democratic participation of all stakeholders ASUU, NASU, SSANU, Students' Union in the control and management of the school.



Socialist Democracy Nov - Dec 2005