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Socialist Democracy Aug - Sept 2005


UNAD: No To Scrapping Of Medical College

Massive And Adequate Funding Of Education

The DSM branch of the University of Ado Ekiti (UNAD) condemns the scrapping of the university medical college. The scrapping is not only arbitrary but equally reveals the anti-poor character of the PDP government in Ekiti State on education, a major need and concern of most poor-working class people.

We therefore demand that the students already admitted to the medical college be helped to secure admissions in other universities so that they can complete their studies. In this respect, we demand that the Ekiti State government should totally fund the extra cost to be borne by students who, due to no fault of theirs, have to conclude their studies in other universities different from their chosen one.

We demand massive and adequate funding of the entire university with a view to upgrade the facilities as well as the condition of service of staff obtainable within the university.

We demand democratic management of all resources and allocations to the university by an elected representatives of university workers, students, community and government. This approach, we consider indispensable for the running of a functional and vibrant university education system.

Finally, we demand re-introduction of the medical college into the university. This, we believe, is important to give working class students, whose parents may not have so much money to send them to study medicine outside Ekiti State.



Socialist Democracy Aug - Sept 2005