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Socialist Democracy Aug - Sept 2005


Lagos State Government Must Wake Up To Its Social Responsibility By De-flooding Papa Ashafa, Agege

By Toyin Raheem

The National Conscience Party (NCP), Agege Local Government chapter, has vowed to ensure that the Lagos State Government wake up to its social responsibility by immediately coming to the rescue of Papa-Ashafa, Agege inhabitants by de-flooding the area.

Papa-Ashafa has been under the siege of flood for quite a number of years. One would have expected any democratically elected government to have taken the welfare and security of its citizens serious. Reverse is however the case, as majority of those that claimed to have been elected stole people's mandate with brigandage, hence they are not serving the masses. It is unfortunate that Papa-Ashafa and Agege in general that has been under the control of Alliance for Democracy since 1999 has not witnessed any development either in term of infrastructures or social amenities. The likes of Mudashiru Obasa, representing Agege constituency 01 and Taofeek Adaranijo, the illegal chairman of an unrecognized "Orile-Agege local government" have not made any move to see that the area is de-flooded.

The flood at Papa-Ashafa has now started claiming lives. A young child of about three years got drowned in the last flood as a result of the deluge that fell between Sunday 5th June and Sunday 12th June, 2005. The child was left in bed and got drowned when the flood entered their room and eventually died. Many fences and buildings collapsed and the most affected areas are Egbatedo Street, Fashola, Sura-Ogunmakin, Abibatu, Obaoley, Opeifa. A landlord in the area, Pa Adesanya Adenegan said the different Community Development Associations in the area have tried their best to put an end to this flood but required the government's assistance. Mr. Isiaka Apebiowo, a resident of the area complained bitterly that all the people around the area put on sorrowful faces whenever it is about to rain, as no one knows the havoc the flood might cause.

The flood area is so alarming that even the major Ipaja Road opposite Government College, Agege is always impassable for pedestrians whenever it rains.

The National Conscience Party (NCP) is committed to the defense of peoples' rights and living standard. The little baby that died would have been alive if the Lagos State Government has made efforts to de-flood Lagos State. Presently, the people of Aboru in Alimosho Local Government are also groaning as a result of flood. Is Governor Tinubu waiting for the whole of Lagos to be flooded before he does something? NCP is hereby calling on Lagos State Governor and Eng. Aregbesola, the Commissioner for Works to wake up to their role. The Commissioner should deliver a good work in Lagos State first before pursuing in Osun State a governorship ambition On the other hand, if he has nothing to render in Lagos State, he should immediately resign.

Meanwhile, the (NCP) Agege chapter is planning to mobilise the youths and entire people of Papa-Ashafa in conjunction with Agege Community Movement (ACOM) to state a peaceful protest to the Lagos State secretariat if nothing is done within a reasonable time by the Lagos State Government to de-flood the areas and save the people from untimely deaths.



Socialist Democracy Aug - Sept 2005