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Socialist Democracy March 2004



On Friday, 12th December, 2003, twenty workers of Galvanizing Industries Limited (GIL) were sacked by the management of the company. The workers were arbitrarily sacked due to the decision of management to rationalize the company's operation lines from three production lines to two.

Among the affected workers are Yusuf Asalu (vice chairman) and other union officials of local branch of SEWUN except the chairman, who is presently being threatened by the management against making any attempt to fight for the workers.

The threat by the management is to create fear in the minds of workers and prevent a fight for decent and living conditions of workers and against the anti-workers policies of the management whose major aim is to make more profits, satisfy their selfish interest at the expense of the workers who create the wealth.

We call on national leadership of Steel and Electricity Workers Union of Nigeria to resist this attack by mobilizing workers in the industry, organise picketing, rallies, protests and strike in support of the GIL workers in order to mount pressure on the management of the company. This will send signal not only to the management of GIL but all the managements in the industry that the union is out to ensure not only the recall of Yusuf Asalu and others but also to fight against the victimization and sacking of workers.

We also call on trade unionists, workers, students, youth, human right and other progressive organisations to continue to put pressure on GIL management to demand for immediate and unconditional restatement of Yusuf Asalu and others.

Please send letters of protest and demand for:

  • The immediate and unconditional recall of Yusuf Asalu and 19 others

  • Improvement in working and living conditions of workers

  • An end to sacking and victimization of workers

Send your letters to:

The Managing Director,

Galvanizing Industries Limited,

Plot 78, Oba Akran Avenue,

Ikeja Industrial Estate,

PO Box 96, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Fax: 234-01-4964746



Socialist Democracy March 2004