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By - DSM

Protests against Hunger and Economic Hardship Held on June 12

This year’s June 12 anniversary was used by some left and pro-working people’s organizations to hold protest against mass hunger and anti-poor policies. In Lagos, the Joint Action Front (JAF) and Education Rights Campaign (ERC) worked with the Take it Back movement (TIB) and others to organize the mass action. Protests were also held in a few other states. Members

By - DSM

DSM Calls on Working Masses to Support the General Strike for a Decent National Minimum Wage and Reversal of electricity tariff increase.

We call on Labour not to restrict the Strike to a Stay-at-Home Action but Hold a Series of Mass Actions. The struggle must also call for Reversal of Anti-People Policies of the Tinubu Government. The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) welcomes the decision of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) to embark on an indefinite general strike