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By - DSM

Buhari’s 2022 Budget: Not a Way-out from the Worsening Economic Crisis

Working People must prepare for Resistance against more Capitalist Attacks President Muhammadu Buhari on October 7 2021 presented the proposed budget for the year 2022 to the National Assembly. The N16.4 trillion plan is tagged the Budget of Economic Growth and Sustainability. No doubt, there will be growth even though anaemic and sluggish. However, what will be sustained, if they

By - DSM

Bad State of Sango-Ota Road: CDWR Supports Mass Protest of Workers, Youths and Community People

We Demand the Use of Public Works Department under Democratic Control of Workers and Communities for Public Projects The Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR) Ogun State chapter commends workers, youth and community people as well as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) over different protests against the sorry state of Sango-Ota roads. The 64 km Sango-Ota-Idiroko Road has been