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Haiti Disaster compounded by capitalism Niall Mulholland, Committee for a Workers’ International The humanitarian catastrophe that has befallen Haiti beggars belief. The powerful earthquake that struck on 12 January left many thousands dead, with estimates running to 200,000 and more. The flimsy slum dwellings in Port-au-Prince, the capital, collapsed, as did public buildings, including schools and hospitals. Many thousands are

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Bankers award themselves obscene ‘bonuses’

Bankers award themselves obscene ‘bonuses’ As the top bankers worldwide award themselves obscene ‘bonuses’ to feed their greed-fuelled, decadent lifestyles, the workers and poor people of Haiti suffer conditions of unimaginable horror. The billions of pounds, euros and dollars the banking fat cats are taking for themselves should be confiscated and used to meet the desperate needs of the injured,

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Haitians abandoned, bankers rewarded

Haitians abandoned, bankers rewarded Earthquake disaster Fight for a socialist world Dave Carr, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales) While desperate survivors in Haiti’s destroyed capital of Port-au-Prince tried to find food, water and shelter, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton breezed into the main airport for a photo opportunity, diverting aid relief flights which included a field hospital