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EDO: Riggers Defeated, Adams is Governor!

Socialist Democracy – Special Edition April 2008 EDO: Riggers Defeated, Adams is Governor! Build a Mass Movement to Secure Change The long delayed declaration of Adams Oshiomhole as the rightful winner of the April 14, 2007 governorship polls in Edo State was greeted by working people both in Edo and throughout the Federation with joy. Millions have seen it as

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SOCIALIST MANIFESTO FOR ADAMS Adams Oshiomhole’s election manifesto contained many measures that would, if genuinely implemented, improve the lives of the working masses and poor. For instance the manifesto talks of re-inventing “the public school system”. Towards this, Oshiomhole has promised that his government “will restore, renovate and refurbish at least, two secondary schools and two primary schools in each

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Adams Victory Shows Potential for Revolution

Adams Victory Shows Potential for Revolution Reports Olisa Penny, Socialist Democracy Political Correspondent in Edo state The 20th March 2008 woke with mixed feelings. That was the day set for the ruling on the Edo state governorship tussle. The day had been an eerie silence for seven hours (from 9am-3pm). Ears had been glued to the screen and radio, and

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POWER PROJECT LOOTERS LABOUR MUST LEAD MASS ACTION TO BRING CULPRITS TO BOOK By Peluola Adewale While it lasted Nigerians were daily treated to a reality show at the public hearing on power sector expenditure on how Olusegun Obasanjo government that strutted around as an Olympian height of virtue and wisdom made fortune out misfortune of the entire nation. Arguably,