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By - DSM


The Campaign for Democratic and Workers Rights (CDWR) wishes to alert the public to the plan of the Dr Kiadese Lukman-led management of Tai Solarin College of Education (TASCE), Ogun State, to sack 120 workers because of their role in the struggle for payment of over 67 months’ owed salary arrears and opposition to other anti-worker policies. Before now some of the workers leaders were arrested and arraigned before a court on trumped up charges. They have equally been harassed and intimidated by the management in connivance with the Governor Dapo Abiodun-led Ogun State government.
As the attached invitation shows, they have been invited to appear at the Council Disciplinary Committee by 10am today (March 26) and tomorrow. The management claims safety precautions would be taken to protect them from COVID-19 as they appear. But that is beside the issue. The question we ask is why should these workers be in school at all now when the state government has shut all schools and when they should be at home with their families in order to keep safe? Also, they don’t deserve to be sacked for demanding for their owed salary arrears. Rather it is the College Provost, Dr Kiadese Lulman, and his kitchen cabinet that ought to be docked for gross insensitivity, despotism and abuse of office.

Please join the CDWR to send protest messages to the management of the college and the Ogun State government. Despite the shutdown, we can still utilise the social media to stop this panel. An injury to one is an injury to all!
Please send protest messages or tweets to the Ogun State Governors, Dapo Abiodun: FB page: Prince Dr. Dapo Abiodun – MFR. Twitter: @dabiodunMFR.


(1) Provost of the College Dr. Kiadese:08096753523
(2) Council Chairman Chief Adefulu: 08033139866.
(3) Governor Dapo Abiodun: 08061642882.
(4) Commissioner of Education: 07068927364.
(5) DSS Odogbolu Zone: 08035889347.
(6) Director of operations DSS Ogun: 09083514015.
(7) Mr. Oduselu, member of the panel: 08054062228.
(8) SSG Tokunbo Talabi: 08035000200.
(9) Chief of Staff: 08033089625:
(10) SA on Youth Affairs: 08033645088

PROTOTYPE MESSAGE: “I strongly protest plan to sack 120 TASCE workers. They have been asked to attend a panel in school during COVID-19 outbreak. This is the height of irresponsibility. I demand a halt to this panel, payment of over 67 month salary arrears and halt to victimisation”.

Click the link below for more background on TASCE workers struggle:

Please send copies of protests and any replies to: [email protected]