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Any government formed from this fraudulent exercise will be illegitimate and anti-people

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) strongly condemns the Saturday February 23 Presidential and National Assembly elections as a shambolic exercise that can only produce an illegitimate and anti-poor government. We sympathize with the working people, the youth and the poor masses who on top of their daily hunger, joblessness and mass misery have to again bear the brunt of a criminal struggle for power by different wings of the capitalist ruling class.

As far as we are concerned, whoever eventually emerges from this sham, be it APC President Buhari or PDP Atiku Abubakar, would be doing so bathed in the bloodshed today by two wings of a discredited capitalist ruling class bent on gaining power in order to line their pockets with our commonwealth.

Apart from numerous cases of pre-election day violence, the elections witnessed shocking levels of irregularities, vote-buying, disruption, killings and violence in many parts of the country. This is aside numerous logistical logjams including lateness of INEC officials and materials despite that INEC postponed the elections by a week in order to avoid the very same situation.

We accuse both the ruling APC and the opposition PDP as mostly responsible for the irregularities, manipulations, violence and disruption that occurred. The Nigerian working people and the youth must hold these two pro-rich parties responsible for the violence and unnecessary wastage of human lives.

Even though we neither fielded Presidential nor National Assembly candidates, we consider the February 23 exercise as a dress rehearsal of a similar muzzling of peoples’ democratic rights on March 9 when governorship and State Assembly elections in which the SPN is fielding candidates are to be held.

It is therefore to avoid a repeat of this sham that we are calling on the labour movement, civil society organizations and the working masses to condemn the February 23rd elections.

In particular, the labour movement must make it clear to the government that not only does it condemn the shambolic elections, but it would also be prepared to organize and mobilize the working and toiling people in mass struggle against the anti-worker and anti-poor policies that any government formed from such an exercise would implement. Such struggle if linked with the building of a mass workers’ party armed with socialist programmes can help to challenge the domination of the capitalist APC and PDP and accelerate the process of a revolutionary transformation of Nigeria.

On the basis of the above points, the SPN wishes to announce that it would be ready to play a part in any mobilization to challenge this shambolic exercise through petitions, mass protests and demonstrations.

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