Democratic Socialist Movement

For Struggle, Solidarity and Socialism in Nigeria

By - DSM

Support the struggle of the Zimbabwean people!

Support the struggle of the Zimbabwean people!

For the unity of the working class, the poor and the youth across Southern Africa

Release Pastor Evan Mawarire and all political prisoners

Mass action to break Mugabe’s economic blockade

The people of Zimbabwe refuse to suffer the rule of Mugabe and his cronies any longer. They are rising up in protest at mass unemployment, widespread poverty and his brutal police state. The Workers & Socialist Party (CWI in South Africa) and the Socialist Youth Movement stands in full solidarity with the workers, poor people and youth who have taken to the path of struggle.

To defeat the regime will take organisation and solidarity across Southern Africa. We cannot place our hopes in the SADC. The SADC is nothing more than a club of anti-working class and anti-poor governments, each with a track record of oppressing their own people.

We must look to the unity of the working class, the poor and the youth across the region in the struggle for a socialist confederation of Southern Africa. This would allow us to take the resources that are controlled by corrupt political and business elites, like Mugabe in Zimbabwe or Zuma in South Africa, and place them under the democratic control of workers and communities allowing us to end poverty and unemployment.

WASP supports the formation of action committees inside and outside Zimbabwe. Inside Zimbabwe, the action committees must become mass democratic structures to coordinate and organise mass protests – strikes, marches, occupations etc. To be as effective as possible they must link-up across the country.

Outside of Zimbabwe, action committees must mobilise the support and solidarity of the labour and student movements and wage a sustained protest campaign against Zimbabwean embassies, consulates and other targets linked to the regime. They must also build a campaign of mass pressure on governments such as the ANC to end all support for the Mugabe regime.

Struggle! Solidarity! Socialism!