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CRIN CRISIS: CDWR Welcomes the Removal of Prof. Malacky Akoroda

CRIN CRISIS: CDWR Welcomes the Removal of Prof. Malacky Akoroda

For immediate reinstatement of the 95 sacked workers and activities of staff unions in the Institute

The Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR), Oyo State Chapter, welcomes the removal of Prof. Malacky Akoroda, as the Executive Director (ED) of the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, CRIN, Ibadan. The Federal government has asked him to proceed on indefinite leave. This was following struggle commendably waged by both the CRIN workers and members of the host community that lasted about two months against years of misrule and despotism of the Prof. Malacky Akoroda-led administration in the Institute.

There is no doubt that the news of the FG’s decision will definitely bring about a big relief to CRIN which has been hitherto characterized by many crises in the past four years. It has also proved that struggle pays.

However, given the serious allegations of corruption and highhandedness leveled against Prof. Akoroda-led administration, it is not enough to just ask Prof. Akoroda to proceed on a mere indefinite leave. We support the call of workers for thorough investigation of allegations against his administration.

We fully support the decision of the workers to resume work immediately. They should however engage the new management with the outstanding demands viz: immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the 95 sacked workers of the Institute without loss of pays; immediate and unconditional restoration of staff unions; regular and timely promotion of staffs in accordance with public service rules; end to attack on democratic rights and mismanagement of the resources and immediate payment of October and September, 2013 salaries of workers in the Institute.

The CDWR also holds that in addition to all these demands is the question of democratic running and control of the Institute and its resources by the elected representative of workers and community. This is to ensure judicious spending of resources, implementation of mandates of the Institute, respect for public service rule and prevention of administrative tyranny.

Without CRIN being run on this kind of democratic structure, it is very possible that whosoever takes over from Prof. Akoroda will soon or later exhibit a similar kind of despotism which forced the CRIN workers and members of the host community to embark on mass action/protest.

Abbey Trotsky
State Coordinator
E-mail: [email protected]