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Hearing in the Suit Against INEC at Federal High Court Abuja Adjourned until November 27.

By SPN Reporters

There were protests on Wednesday November 19, 2014 in Nigeria, Germany, Belgium, England and Sweden against the refusal of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to register the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) despite it fulfilling all the legally stipulated requirements, albeit onerous and undemocratic, for registration of a political party.

The SPN was formed by members of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) (CWI Nigeria) together with some trade unionists and activists across Nigeria. The legal and constitutional requirements which have been met include payment of non-refundable administrative fee of N1million (One Million Naira), National Headquarters in Abuja and a National Executive Committee (NEC) with members from at least 24 states plus Abuja.

The action in Nigeria, which included circulation of leaflets to motorists and passers-by, took place at the Federal High Court, Abuja, where the first hearing of the suit filed by the party against the INEC was to be held. The members of SPN also protested with a banner and posters demanding the registration of the party and calling on the working people and youths to join the party.

In Sweden, Germany, Belgium and England, members of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI), the international socialist organization which DSM is affiliated to, held protests at the Nigerian Embassies with copies of the SPN poster and leaflet and submitted protest letters to the country representatives.

The matter at the court has been adjourned until November 27, 2014. As of the first court sitting on November 19 the INEC had not filed its response to the suit, a tactic aimed at delaying the matter. This is no doubt a continuation of the attempts to prevent the legal existence of a party like SPN that represents the interests and aspirations of working people and poses a socialist alternative to the anti-poor neo-liberal capitalist programmes of the pro-establishment political parties. The members of the SPN have resolved to use all legal and democratic means to force the INEC to register the party.

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