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Please Donate to Solidarity Fund

We write to update you on an exciting new development on the Nigerian political landscape and seek your active and financial support.

On the 16th of November 2013, the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) was launched in Lagos.

Application for Registration, photo DSM

Application for Registration, photo DSM

The party has been launched against the backdrop of persistent inability of the current ruling political parties to sustainably improve the living standards of ordinary Nigerians. They have failed to invest in, and provide decent and affordable housing; efficient and affordable mass transport; good roads, free quality education; affordable food and nutrition, gender equality, recreational facilities, efficient government, decent employment and jobs. All development indices, which a government that genuinely wishes to fulfill the country’s development potential and aspirations of its citizens should provide, are absent.

The Party (which is an initiative of the Democratic Socialist Movement and likeminded activists and campaigners) wants to submit its application for registration to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). We have written the INEC to request requirements for registration application. In their reply, the INEC say that we have to provide the evidence of payment of non-refundable fee of One Million Naira before they could furnish us necessary documents and forms for processing our application. (See above the INEC Reply)

In other words, we have to raise the money soonest in order to begin the process of submitting our registration application. It should be noted by the virtue of Electoral Act, Section 78 (1) the application must be submitted not later than 6 months before a general election which has now been scheduled for February 2015. We want to make the payment latest by this month end. We know it is achievable, but it requires serious support of all.

We therefore kindly seek the solidarity of trade unionists and workers, democratic lawyers, journalists, academics and other likeminded professionals, artisans, youth and students to kindly make solidarity contributions towards the official registration fee of One Million Naira.

The exorbitant registration fee of One Million Naira on its own speaks volumes about the type of democracy being practiced in Nigeria which imposes registration and nomination fees far beyond the means of ordinary honest citizens. Until recently, the fee used to be N100, 000. This outrageous increase is one of desperate measures meant to discourage a pro-masses party like ours from seeking registration let alone becoming a registered party. But we have all determined to surmount this hurdle placed in our way. The party does not have money bags or big financiers. The party is financed from contribution by members and supporters.

Your kind donation to this solidarity fund will assist greatly in helping to provide a genuine political platform and alternative voice for workers, youth, democratic activists, campaigners, professionals and millions of ordinary people which at present is sorely lacking but is a necessary component of genuine multiparty democracy.

Kindly send your donation to:

Account Name: SPN Ventures
Account Number: 2023381939
Bank: First Bank

Please send confirmation information of such payment through text message, phone call or e-mail to the following contacts:

Tel: 08134771300, 08098284000
E-mail: [email protected]

We thank you for your kind consideration and solidarity.

Chinedu Bosah

National Secretary

Socialist Party of Nigeria