Democratic Socialist Movement

For Struggle, Solidarity and Socialism in Nigeria

By - DSM



The DSM has decided to take the initiative to form and register a political party called the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) as a political platform for workers, youths and the poor. We call on socialist and left organizations to join the DSM in the formation and building of the party. We believe this is the best direction to take in the next period given the failure of the leadership of trade unions to build the Labour Party as a fighting working peoples’ party and the absence of any other genuine pro-worker registered party.

As a result workers, youths and poor have been left without a political voice and choice during elections, except in 2003 when Gani Fawehinmi and members of DSM contested on the platform of National Conscience Party. The SPN is meant to fill the void, while we continue to campaign for the formation and building of a pan-Nigeria mass working people party with a socialist programme.

We made use of the last May Day to flag off the activities to mobilize workers and youths to the party. We circulated about 20,000 copies of the SPN leaflet at nine rallies nationwide and marched with its banner at four of the rallies.

The leaflet was well received by workers some of whom have come to the conclusion of the need for a political alternative to the anti-poor pro-establishment parties. Some of the workers put down their names while some promised to reach out to us. In reality, some workers have already telephoned to ask more about the party after the May Day.

We call on workers, youths and the poor to become the members of the party. Join us and help build the party that stands for the millions and not a few multi-millionaire looters. Visit the party’s blog to download the membership form and access the constitution and manifesto of the party. You could send an e-mail to