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Process his Final Result and Mobilise him to Law School

In what is a clear case of clampdown on freedom of the press at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Michael Faborode has ordered the final results of Ayo Ademiluyi to be withheld. Ayo, a Law student had completed all the academic requirements without criminal record and was supposed to have graduated from the university at the December 2009 Convocation. He was also denied right of going to Law School while his colleagues were mobilized in January 2010.

Till date, Ayo, who is a member of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), has not been officially informed why his final results have not been processed. He was only told orally by the officers of Law Faculty that the action was in respect of the instruction of the Vice-Chancellor because of a “pending disciplinary” action. Besides, he has not been invited before any panel. Yet, a disciplinary action has been taken against him. This arbitrariness which is akin to what obtained under the military rule has characterized the current administration of the university.

It is his informal interactions with some members of staff of the university and Faculty of Law in particular which reveal that his travails are connected to his activities as a campus journalist.

Ayo was the Editor-in-Chief of a widely-read campus newspaper, The Eagle, which published a cover story, “Faborode under EFFC’s Fire” in one of its issues. It was a story on the ensuing crisis between the Prof. Michael Faborode-led university management and the staff unions on the campus over illegal deduction of their pension. The story exposed the fact that the crisis had attracted intervention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent and Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC). The issue in question itself had been published by major newspapers in the country particularly Punch and the Nation among others.

In spite of all his formal correspondence to the university authorities; he has not received a formal clarification on the nature of the “pending disciplinary action”.

In response to a question on the plight of Ayo at Press Chat organized by the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ), the Vice Chancellor stated that Ayo has a “special case” and would need intervention of “certain persons” in the university.

Strikingly this is a clear case of witch-hunt, victimization and rape of justice. Ayo Ademiluyi has no prior criminal record or indictment by any disciplinary committee of the university. Yet, he has already started serving punishment for a “pending disciplinary action”.

As matters stand, towards the upcoming mobilization for the Nigerian Law School by September/October, the Faculty has forwarded the list of eligible candidates and Ayo’s name is conspicuously missing. This is a confirmation of the fact that the instructions stand in spite all the efforts he has made. With this, he may lose another opportunity of being mobilized. But much importantly, the question of the clearance of his results for graduation is still hanging.

We therefore call for appeals and protest letters to prevail on the university management to immediately process his final results for graduation and mobilize him to the Nigerian Law School.

Send protests and appeal letters to:

  • Professor Micheal Faborode (Vice-Chancellors)
  • [email protected],[email protected]

    +234 8088176332, +234 8033447446, +234 806009811

    Send copies to: [email protected]