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Application for bail for DSM OAU students refused

Application for bail for DSM OAU students refused

The application for bail for the two student DSM comrades, Olatunde Dairo and Taiwo Hassan Soweto, was refused today (November 26) at the magistrate court, Oshogbo, after a nauseating “hide and seek” game that witnessed three adjournments. This means that they stay in jail on a series of false allegations, including conspiracy to and attempted murder.

Magistrate Jide Falola, a staunch henchman of Osun State government, based his ruling on the frivolous ground that the affidavit for bail did not state whether the student comrades had registered at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) for the current academic semester or not. He was also apparently furious that it was stated in the affidavit that the comrades were activists. He concluded that if granted bail they would cause breach of public peace on the campus.

As we have argued for the umpteenth time, the denial of justice to the comrades is a further confirmation of the travesty of the over-celebrated “rule of law” of the Yar’Adua government. The “rule of law” is only favorable to the big-time looters of treasury. Many established rogue governors in Obasanjo administration are free men at present because of the “rule of law”. They were granted bail after spending few days in prison. Also recently, a notorious political thug and election rigger, Lamidi Adedubu, was granted bail within just two hours at court where had been arraigned for breach of public peace.

We have planned to appeal the ruling of the magistrate at the Osun state High Court and will initiate more political activities.

OAU Student Union president Saburi’s case for bail is coming up tomorrow (November 27) at the Osun High Court.

Peluola Adewale, DSM, Lagos