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Workers’ Power on Display in University of Ibadan

Workers’ Power on Display in University of Ibadan

Ebike Iseru Secretary DSM University of Ibadan Branch

Striking workers comprising teaching and non-teaching staffs organised as ASUU, SSANU and NASU embarked on joint strike action that paralysed all activities within the University of Ibadan. The strike action which started on February 13 was to protest the continual deduction of a certain percentage of their salaries for the compulsory contributory pension scheme despite the three years moratorium they were suppose to enjoy.

The workers explained that under the new scheme, no physical, deduction was supposed to be made from their salaries within the first thirty six months. But this is contrary to what they are experiencing. The big question now is who is deducting the said amount, the University or the federal government? The University Vice Chancellor explained to the protesting workers that the deductions were made from ‘source’ and the university was not in a position to refund the deduction so far made. He told the workers to be patient that the Committee of Vice Chancellors would be meeting the FG on the issue.

But the workers said some schools have refunded the deductions to their workers. OAU was cited as the latest example. Where do these institutions mobilise the funds to pay their workers from? The workers therefore believe that the monies are kept somewhere. They therefore decided to embark on an indefinite strike action. While the struggle lasted the university was a shadow of itself. It experienced the power of the working class.

We commend the determination of workers to fight for the rights. We however call on them to always link their struggle to the general struggles of workers, poor masses and students within and outside the university against neo-liberal attacks on education and other social services.