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Socialist Democracy May 2006


Socialist Democracy

May 2006


NUBIFIE Sends Greetings To Nigerian Working Class

On behalf of all NUBIFIANS, we wish to convey our collective solidarity and greetings to all the industrial unions in particular and the entire Nigeria working class in general on this occasion of the workers' Day.

We particularly commend the resilience, doggedness and patriotism of workers especially as they are confronted by a most painful capitalist oriented economic reform of the present regime, which has so far succeeded in creating widespread unemployment and poverty in the land.

We wish to thank all industrial unions and the Nigeria Labour Congress for all the support rendered to our union (NUBIFIE) over the years.

Solidarity Forever!

Signed by Lawal A. Ahobi, National President and A.C. Anyanwu, Ag. General Secretary.

Agege NCP Felicitates With Workers

Agege NCP felicitates with Nigerian workers on the occasion of 2006 May Day.


Signed by Prince Toyin Raheem

Ifako/Ijaiye NCP Solidarises With Workers

Ifako-Ijaye Local Council of NCP in Lagos State solidarises with the entire working class in Nigeria on the occasion of 2006 May Day. Join NCP.

Signed: Rufus Olusesan, Chairman.

Lagos NLC Salutes Workers

Lagos NLC salutes workers in the State and the entire Nation as we celebrate May Day. Lagos NLC equally calls on workers in Lagos State and nationally to have unity of purpose in order to protect common interest.

We also re-affirm our solidarity with other Labour centers (TUC and CFTU) in the struggle to protect workers rights and interests.

United We Stand …..

Signed By Bello Ismail, Secretary, NLC Lagos State Council.

CFTU Felicitates With Workers

Congress of Free Trade Unions of Nigeria (CFTU) felicitates with workers as they celebrate this year International Workers Day.

CFTU reiterates its unflinching solidarity with Nigerian workers and organisations in the struggle to emancipate the working class from oppression and exploitation.

Happy May Day!

Signed by Didi Adodo, CFTU General Secretary.

Lagos State NCP In Solidarity With Workers

The Lagos State Chapter of the National Conscience Party (NCP) solidarises with workers all over the country on the occasion of 2006 workers day.

Lagos NCP, whose interest is the emancipate of the Nigeria workers through its Ten Care Programme, calls on workers to identify with NCP in order to defeat all other anti-peoples political party (PDP, ANPP, AD, ACD etc.,) and their capitalist neo-liberal policies and enthrone pro-masses government

It also enjoins workers in all parts of the country to be united in the struggle against third term and Obasanjo extending his tenure even by one day. But workers should equally oppose all those anti-peoples forces and their agents e.g. Atiku, Babangida etc. NCP calls for a pro-peoples mass based political formation that comprises NLC, TUC, CFTU, NCP, and pro-masses organisations to challenge the self-serving political parties and individuals for power in order to emancipate the working masses from this oppression, misery and poverty.

If we dare to struggle as workers, we shall definitely win.

Signed by Sina Odugbemi, Lagos State NCP Secretary.

NUSDE Greets Workers

National Union of Shop and Distributive Employees (NUSDE) sends its greetings to all affiliates of NLC and the entire workers in the country and the world over, as we celebrate International Workers Day.

We also salute the unity of the Nigeria workers in spite of the neo-liberal economic attack on the oppressed working class. We also call for the steadfastness of all workers and union leaders in defending the rights and welfare of all workers in the country.

Signed By the A.A. Agwamba (President) and S.A. Babatunde (General Secretary).

Kabel Metal Unit of NUSDE Salutes Workers

National Union of Shop and Distributive Employees (NUSDE), Kabel Metal Unit joins workers in celebrating workers Day.

As the day workers all over the world take stock of the struggle and fight to emancipate ourselves from the shackle of oppression, we are calling on workers and all labour leadership from all labour centers to get more organised in the struggles to defeat the present neo-liberal capitalist policies of the Obasanjo regime.

Signed By Rufus Olusesan, Chairman NUSDE Kabel Metal Unit.

ERC In Solidarity With Workers

Education Rights Campaign (ERC) celebrates Workers Day in solidarity with Nigerian workers. ERC is also in solidarity with ASUU, NASU, SSANU, ASUP, COEASU and NUT in the struggle for better working conditions and proper funding of the education sector.

ERC also calls on labour leadership and pro-masses organisations to organise and mobilise workers, poor peasants students, youths, poor masses etc for a political alternative to the present neo-liberal policies of this regime in order to rescue this country from further onslaught and save all the sectors of the Nigerian economy from collapse.

Workers in Nigeria and all over the world should unite.

Signed by Wale Eleto, ERC Coordinator.

CDWR Joins Workers In Celebrating Workers Day

The Campaign for Democratic and Workers Right (CDWR) joins workers in celebrating International Workers Day.

As MayDay is the festival of all oppressed people all over the world, CDWR restates the call for all labour centres to work together in order to stop all manner of anti-labour (casualisation, contract labour etc.,) practices currently going on in most of our work places in Nigeria and to struggle for a better welfare package. CDWR also calls for a political alternative that will champion and fundamentally protect the interest of workers as against the present neo-liberal policies of privatisation, deregulation, commercialisation, etc.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta.

Signed By Victor Osakwe, Secretary CDWR.



Socialist Democracy May 2006