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Socialist Democracy May 2006


Socialist Democracy

May 2006


The National Committee (NC) of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) was held on 22 and 23 April 2006.


The meeting discusses the socio-economic and political crises confronting Nigeria vis-à-vis constant attacks on the working and living standards of the poor working masses via neo-liberal policies and programmes of Obasanjo regime at all levels - national, state, and local council since 1999 when the regime came to power.

The NC notes that in the history of Nigeria, no regime has ever generated so much resource as the present regime, especially on revenue being generated on sales of crude oil alone as a result of the growing oil price in the world market. Yet, the socio-economic condition of the working people keeps falling drastically. But the working masses have displayed in the last 7 years the capacity to resist the regime and its neo-liberal policies with the successful 7 general strikes and massive protests.

The meeting notes that if the labour leaders had been focused and utilised all these struggles to chase out the regime from power and put in its place a working peoples government which will be prepared to implement pro-masses policies, the idea of the regime plotting to remain in power a day longer let alone beyond May 2007, under the canopy of constitutional amendment, alias third term would not have arisen.

It therefore states the opposition of the organisation to the third term agenda, as it will be a continuation of poverty and misery for the poor working people. It however warns the working masses from giving political support to the likes of Atiku, Babangida, Marwa etc who are also anti-third term but are not opposed to Obasanjo's government neo-liberal policies that have continued to make the masses living miserable life. This implies that with Obasanjo or any of these elements replacing him, third term will come the way of the masses in terms of continuation of neo-liberal attacks on the working people.

It therefore calls on labour and pro-masses parties and organisations to immediately convoke a conference to strategise on formulating a formidable mass working peoples party with pro-masses programmes of action concerning key issues of food, education, healthcare, jobs, housing water, affordable and available energy etc anchored on a strategy that combines the struggle for the realization of these needs with an orientation of capturing political power to end the capitalist induced misery and suffering in the midst of inexhaustible abundance.


The meeting also takes a critical look at the socio-economic crises all over the world and the attendant mass movements of the working masses. References are made on the immigration law debate in America; the mass movement in Nepal against dictatorial and monarchical rules; the heroic mass demonstration of students, youths and workers that saw a retreat of the Government on a draconian a labour law in France etc. While it commends these growing mass movements breaking all over the world, it posits that unless there is a working class political platform that is entrenched in the ideas of Marxism to give the right leadership to these various mass movements, their can be no fundamental way forward for the working class. At best, these movements could only fetch some concessions which would be taken back again in the near future.

The meeting also discusses the Middle East crisis, Hamas' victory in Palestine and its implication on the region. The meeting calls for the unity and solidarity of the working masses of Israel and Arab counties, Palestine in particular as a step towards resolving the Israel-Palestine crisis. It also calls for the unity among the working masses of Iraq of all religion and ethnic divide with the support of the global mass movement against the US led imperialist war in Iraq in order to defeat the occupation forces and imperialism. However, the meeting states on the basis of capitalism there cannot be ultimate solution to the crises in Middle East in general. Therefore, the struggle of working masses and youth against imperialism in the region should be aimed at ultimately enthroning genuine socialism in the region.



Socialist Democracy May 2006