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Socialist Democracy May 2006


Socialist Democracy

May 2006



For their unflinching campaign for independent students' unionism and uncompromising leadership roles in the struggle of students for improved studying and living conditions and against the instances of education commercialisation and privatisation at the University of Ibadan, the authorities of the University have rusticated Alayande Stephen and Ola Adeosun for 4 semesters and 3 semesters respectively.

Interestingly, the duo had successfully completed their academic programmes before being rusticated. The management had earlier stepped down their results, thus, they could not graduate with their colleagues.

In the last six years, the victimization of student leaders has become pastime of the successive managements of the University. Besides Ola and Stephen, other past union activists like Lawal Akeem (Aluta), Akintunde Olawoyin (Struggle), Oloko Afolabi, Ajala Folorunsho (Father Folly), Oluajo Babatunde (Sankara), Fagbemi Isreal Gbadebo (FIG), Ali Honour etc had, at one time or the other, been politically victimized or academically witch-haunted by the various managements.

The sustained brutal attacks on student activists have succeeded in weakening the students' union activities on the campus.

The Education Rights Campaign (ERC) calls on students, the academic and non-academic staff unions of the University of Ibadan, pro-masses organisations on campus and beyond to demand the following:

(i) Immediate reinstatement of the unjustly suspended student activists

(ii) Independent and democratic student union elections and activities without interference from the management

(iii) Better living and studying conditions

(Iv) An end to culture of victimisation of student leaders

(v) Adequate funding of the education sector by the government.


Socialist Democracy May 2006