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Socialist Democracy March 2004



The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) on February 7, 2004 launched its perspectives document for 2004. Members of the DSM, NCP, student leaders and labour activists graced the launch, which took place at the National Conscience Party (NCP), Lagos State Secretariat. A total of 51 people from all walks of life including students, workers and artisans were in attendance. Among those who attended were Olumide Adeyinka (Deputy National Director of Legal services of NCP), Sina Odugbemi, (General Secretary, Lagos State NCP), and Denja Yakub, (Assistant General Secretary, NLC). Comrade Rufus Olusesan, the Secretary of the Steel Engineering Workers Union of Nigeria (SEWUN), Ikeja Area Council I presided over the event.

Segun Sango, the General Secretary of the DSM, who gave the main political speech x-rayed various socio political problems confronting Nigeria and concluded that the ruling class and their imperialist collaborators can not move the country forward with their neo-liberal policy of deregulation, privatisation, commercialisation, etc. He concluded that only the working class alternative can salvage the situation and enjoined NLC leadership and pro-labour activists to initiate a political platform through which the poor working class including students, youth, market men and women, artisan, farmers, etc can wrestle power from the present political vultures - the ruling class - to implement a socialist, pro-masses policy under the democratic control and management of the nationalised nation's resources.

Denja Yakub, the Assistant General Secretary of the NLC, in his speech, traced the background of the leading members of the DSM from their student days as student activists to the present time they are active in the labour movement. He expressed his happiness that there are still genuine activists who still hold tenaciously to the genuine ideas of Marxism.

The 2004 DSM perspectives document titled "Nigeria's Crisis: Time For System Change" examines the political, social and economic outlook of the country, especially, against the background of over four years of civil rule. Chapters one and two of the perspectives examine the background as well as the 2003 general elections, the conduct of which was marred by large scale irregularities, manipulations and outright electoral fraud and rigging. Chapter two does an in depth analysis of the elections including the battle for registration by the NCP and other political parties, the struggle against INEC's processing fees, the role of the security forces, the media in the election as well as the reactions that trailed the elections.

Chapter three of the perspective deals with the four years of civil rule and the performance of the various political parties and governments of the AD, ANPP and PDP against the background of the expectations of the masses who fought against military dictatorship, especially aftermath the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential elections. The political perspectives for Nigeria, including the prospects of a military coup or a radical coup by young officers were the focus of chapter four.

Chapter five examines the nationality question including the Sharia question, the Niger Delta and the question of armed struggle. Chapter seven examines the ever recurring issue of deregulation of the oil sector and perennial fuel price hike while chapter six poses the question of a working class political alternative to the pro-imperialist and establishment political parties as a means out of the perennial underdevelopment of Nigeria. An appendix on the lessons of the recent general strikes forms the final part of the perspective.

The 2004 perspective document is "a must read" for all change seeking elements. It is packaged in a commentary style and offers a Marxist analysis of the state of the Nigerian nation and the prospects for the masses in the foreseeable future under the present decadent capitalist and anti-people system. Above all, it explains the reasons why the socialist transformation of society by the working people has become an even more urgent task.

N1,350 cash and N19,000 pledge was raised as fighting fund and support for DSM activities while 3 contacts were made at the launching.



Socialist Democracy March 2004