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Socialist Democracy July 2004


ONDO STATE: Futarians Appraise The Socialist Alternative In Building A New Nigeria


The Federal University of Technology (FUTA), Akure branch of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) organised a symposium on Thursday 27th May, 2004 at the "Aluta ground" of Akindeko Hall, a male student hostel in the university. The theme of the symposium was: "The effect of commercialisation on Nigeria education sector present and future perspectives". Speakers at the symposium were comrade AJ Daggar Tolar, Editor of Socialist Democracy (paper of DSM), Wale Eleto, Coordinator of Education Rights Campaign (ERC) and Secretary of DSM students' wing, and Stephen Alayande, former Coordinator of NANS Zone D.

Daggar Tolar condemned capitalist rule nationally and internationally. For instance, he revealed that the strategic economic interest of US imperialism was the driving force of Iraqi occupation. Education commercialisation in Nigeria is a direct effect of capitalist principles of neo-liberalism. Comrade Wale Eleto also linked the crises in the education system to the crisis of the Nigerian state. While introducing the Education Rights Campaign (ERC), he called on students to always be prepared to struggle against anti-poor policies of the ruling capitalist class at all levels. Stephen Alayande corroborated what the earlier speakers said. He also called on students to join and participate actively in ERC activities.

About 180 students attended the programme and 30 students signified their interests as intending members of the DSM.



Socialist Democracy July 2004