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Socialist Democracy July - August 2003 Index


The maiden meeting of the new Alagbado branch of DSM took place on Wednesday, 26th March, 2003 at the secretariat of the Ifako-Ijaye local government chapter of the NCP. The branch is meant to organise DSM members who reside in the Alagbado area in Lagos, spreading across two local government areas Alimoso and Ifako-Ijaye.

The meeting was attended by 12 comrades, made up to 4 new members and 8 old members. Apology was given for one old comrade (Niyi) who did not attend because of the election campaign. All the new members were recruited through our NCP work.

The topic of the political discussion was "DSM What We Stand For" and it was meant to broadly introduce the ideas of the organisation to the new members. It was agreed that a special education programme should be organised for new members.

Understandably, the main work of the comrades at the present period was the election campaign of the NCP. At the time, a comrade, Niyi Adewumi, was NCP candidate for the Ifako-Ijaye federal constituency.

The comrades in Alimoso also reported on their campaign work in the Ward M2 Alimoso where they are in the leadership of the ward chapter of the NCP. Three new members, all school students, have been recruited by them into DSM during the campaign.

The meeting reiterated the importance of using the work in the party in general and the election campaign in particular to spreading the ideas of socialist change and build the organisation. The importance of paper sales, making contacts and recruiting were specially emphasised. A comrade suggested that the branch should set a target of recruiting at least 20 more members during campaign and selling at least 100 copies of SD. It was agreed that the paper should always be made available and sold at campaign rallies and other party activities by comrades.

The need for regular payment of membership monthly subs was also emphasised. The branch has been meeting regularly since then. A three member executive committee has been elected to direct the work of the branch.




Socialist Democracy July - August 2003 Index