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Socialist Democracy July - August 2003 Index


It would be recalled that the NANS Zone D leadership has been waging a battle at Adekunle Ajasin University (AAU), Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, for the reinstatement of the expelled and rusticated 19 students' union leaders including the president, Com. Ojuri Iranlowo, who were alleged of leading violent protest in April, 2002.

The students' union leaders were victimised for demanding for better infrastructures on their campus. The NANS Zone D intervention led to a lecture boycott and various mass protest of students against the vice-chancellor, Professor Akere and Chief Adefarati, the ex-governor of Ondo State. This culminated into a mobile police invasion and subsequent arrest of twelve NANS activists on December 6th - 7th, 2002.

The senate of the institution had met and eventually resolved that the 19 victimised student leaders be reabsorbed. But with a lot of stringent conditions including N5000 reparation fee each, bringing of their parents to sign and attest to their good behaviour, renouncing participation in students' union activities, etc.

The authorities' plan is to scrap the students' union and replace it with authority appointed caretaker committee who will be yesmen to them, so as to ensure non-resistance to their various anti-students policies.

The task before the students of AAU is to rally round Ojuri Iranlowo led leadership to legitimately demand for their students' union, without any embarrassing stringent conditionalities. Equally, pressure should be mounted on the Vice Chancellor, who is yet to officially reinstate the victimised students, as no letter has been given to back up the fact that the senate has reinstated them. This needs to be done as soon as possible for leaders, as tests are being conducted while there is a plan to start exams by early August 2003.

The NANS Zone D leadership should be prepared for a co-ordinated and timely intervention in this development especially if in the next few days nothing concrete seems forthcoming.

Lastly, we must appreciate and commend the resoluteness and doggedness of students of AAU and that of other Nigerian students who took active part in the interventions in Akungba Akoko. The lesson to be learnt is that our strength lies in our collective struggle. If we fight there is a possibility of winning but if we do not, we have lost already.




Socialist Democracy July - August 2003 Index