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Socialist Democracy Feb - Mar 2003


NCP Rallied At Ajegunle

By Emmanuel Adikwu

Residents of the Ajegunle Community witnessed a different ball-game entirely on Saturday December 28th, 2002 as members of the National Conscience Party (NCP) in the area stormed the streets of the community, armed with leaflets, posters and solidarity songs.

It was an eventful day as the procession started as about from the secretariat at 5, Kojo Lane. Despite our limited resources and materials, we were able to make the desired impact and it goes down in history as one of the most important events of the party in the area.

Though, the turn out of party members was not too impressive as most members present were members of the exco which was as a result of the festive season, the significance of the programme cannot be over-emphasised. In fact, some of the people of the community even joined us in the course of the procession while a handful of them demanded for more leaflets so as to give to people in their neighbourhood.

The procession took us through Ago Hausa, Achakpo to Tolu via New Road and down to Boundary where we all parted. So lessons which have emanated from that programme, I think are as follows:

So many people who have been impoverished by the past and present governments and who see the National Conscience Party (NCP) as a party that can savage them from penury are out there waiting, without knowing how to reach us. It is only through avenues such as this that we can be able to get across to them and possibly recruit them.

The question of education also comes to the fore. During the rally, some of our new comrades could not give answers to some of the questions being asked by the people. This is as a result of the fact that some of us are not truly rooted in the ideas, philosophy and programmes of the party.

The issue of recruiting women also is of utmost importance, as there was only one lady who took part in the procession.

And also, when next a programme like this is to hold, we should provide more leaflets as that also constitute a setback in the rally.

But in all, I think we have done well and should not relent in our efforts to emancipate the downtrodden people of the society form the stranglehold of the oppressors.


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